The MCCCD and ASU Partner to Offer Transfer Pathways with MAPP MyPath2ASU™ Collaboration

Partnership Overview 

The newly established Universal Articulation agreement between Arizona State University and the Maricopa County Community College District reaffirms the combined commitment to student success. With a focus on academic preparedness, collaborative support and term-to-term persistence, students are ensured a smooth transition to the university and the support necessary for student success. Through MAPP MyPath2ASU™ students are able to take the steps needed to successfully plan their transfer to ASU while working towards their degree at their Maricopa Community College. 

The Maricopa Community College MAPP MyPath2ASU™ transfer experience is available to students and staff that support them. Diverse degree options can be tailored based on the Maricopa Community Colleges needs (within ASU degree requirements).

The Maricopa County Community College District MAPP MyPath2ASU™ transfer experience benefits

  • End-to-end learner navigation through course-by-course guided pathways.

  • Ensure course applicability by assisting students with taking courses that apply to their associate and ASU bachelor’s degree.

  • Guaranteed general admission to ASU and admission into MAPP MyPath2ASU™ major choice if all requirements are satisfied* Some majors have additional or higher admission requirements.

  • More than 300 course-by- course guided pathways into immersion and online ASU degree programs.

  • Self-service, degree progress tracking through the Pathway Tracker to minimize loss of credit.

  • Connected experience through personalized ASU communications to prepare academically and build a connection to ASU.

About the Maricopa Community Colleges

Enriching lives through education: Founded as a single college in 1920, today, Maricopa Community Colleges includes 10 regionally accredited colleges across Maricopa County, serving over 168,000 students each year. We offer thousands of degrees, certificates, and workforce skills training programs — taught by recognized faculty and delivered in multiple class formats.

As part of our mission, we strive to enhance the public's quality of life and give back to the communities we serve through these community learning and personal enrichment programs:

Service Learning

Extend your learning beyond the classroom and discover how you can apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge to real-life situations.

K-12 Programs

Enrich the learning experiences of our communities' younger members with summer camps, dual and concurrent enrollment, and more.

Community Workshops

We offer many opportunities, including hands-on arts events for kids, diversity training, work-related seminars, and skill-building activities.

Lifelong Learning

Make continuing education a lifelong goal with workforce development, community education, non-credit courses, and fitness/wellness classes.

The Maricopa Community College MAPP MyPath2ASU™ degree spotlight 

Criminology and Criminal Justice, BS, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions

The criminology and criminal justice program is for students who want to understand the causes of crime, the role of criminal justice agencies in the control of crime and the consequences of crime. 

Students learn sociological, psychological, biological and economic explanations for individual crime as well as differences in crime across neighborhoods, states, countries and over time. They also learn about the history, legal issues and current practices of crime control via police agencies, the court system, prisons, probation and parole. 

These topics are delivered by top-ranking research faculty who offer students hands-on research opportunities and by experienced criminal justice professionals with intimate knowledge of the daily realities of crime and criminals. Students are encouraged to take advantage of internship opportunities in more than 200 agencies, study abroad programs and flexible course scheduling offered in-person, online and across multiple campuses. 

View the Maricopa Community College MAPP MyPath2ASU™ Criminology and Criminal Justice, BS 

Locations of study: 

Downtown Phoenix, West, ASU@LakeHavasu, ASU@Yuma, Online