Pathways for the Future Awardee

Meet Naomi Samora, Pathways for the Future Awardee

Naomi Samora knew that higher education would lead her to a greater purpose. This drive led her to a passion for business. “I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world, and I believe working with businesses is one of the best ways to contribute to society.”

Naomi just finished her senior year in high school when she received the opportunity to take Arizona State University (ASU) classes through the Pathways for the Future program (PFF). “ASU provided so many options and the Pathways program is perfect for me, and it was available online meaning I could start at my own time at my own pace.”

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Her opportunity to become accustomed to University coursework was greatly impacted through the program. “This provided me with the guidance as to what classes I needed to take, and allowed me to choose if I wanted to add classes to my transcript or not. This is preparing me for ASU.” In addition to the Pathways program which allowed her to choose what credits to purchase, she received the PFF Scholarship allowing her to further her education.

Naomi has appreciated having engaging professors along the way. “All of my professors have been exceptional with interesting coursework and very detailed instructions and explanations.” And when asked what she has enjoyed most about her ASU experience so far, she says, “the fact that I can complete my coursework online at my own pace allows me to learn with flexibility, I am sure this will help me succeed and attain my degree.”

Naomi plans to earn her bachelor’s degree and would like to continue her educational journey. She says that she intends “to pursue a major in business and help small business owners and her community.” Her advice to new transfer students is, “study as much as possible and reach out if you need help.”  For more information on Pathways for the future visit or contact a PFF admissions representative at (844) 353-7775 or

Naomi A. Samora 

Pathways for the Future Awardee