Northland Pioneer College and ASU Universal Articulation Partnership

Northland Pioneer College and ASU Universal Articulation Partnership

Northland Pioneer College and Arizona State University Universal Articulation Partnership

Partnership Overview 

The newly established Universal Articulation agreement between Arizona State University and Northland Pioneer College reaffirms the combined commitment to student success. With a focus on academic preparedness, collaborative support and term-to-term persistence, students are ensured a smooth transition to the university and the support necessary for student success. Through MyPath2ASU™ students are able to take the steps needed to successfully plan their transfer to ASU while working towards their degree at NPC. 

The Northland Pioneer College MyPath2ASU™ tranfer experience is available to students and staff that support them. Diverse MyPath2ASU™ degree options can be tailored based on NPC needs (within ASU degree requirements).

Northland Pioneer College MyPath2ASU™ Transfer Benefits

  • End-to-end learner navigation through course-by-course guided pathways.

  • Ensure course applicability by assisting students with taking courses that apply to their associate and ASU bachelor’s degree.

  • Guaranteed general admission to ASU and admission into MyPath2ASU™ major choice if all requirements are satisfied* Some majors have additional or higher admission requirements.

  • More than 400 course-by-course guided pathways into immersion and online ASU degree programs.

  • Self-service, degree progress tracking through My Transfer Guide to minimize loss of credit.

  • Connected experience through personalized ASU communications to prepare academically and build a connection to ASU.

About Northland Pioneer College

Northland Pioneer College is a two-year community college located in Northeastern Arizona that serves over 5,000 students per year. NPC offers five university transfer degrees as well as many career and technical education degrees that prepare you for the job market. We offer the lowest tuition rate in Arizona, with small class sizes and personalized attention from highly qualified faculty.

NPC offers classes at four campuses and five center locations across Navajo and Apache counties. Our service area includes the tribal homelands of the Navajo, Hopi, and Apache peoples. NPC is a two-year, HLC accredited public community college, serving about 7,000 students annually in a wide range of courses and programs.

Northland Pioneer College MyPath2ASU™ degree spotlight

Conservation Biology and Ecology, BS, Watts College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ecology is the study of the distribution and abundance of organisms, the interactions among organisms, and the interactions between organisms and the physical environment. Conservation biology is an applied science based on ecological principles that focuses on conserving biological diversity and on restoring degraded ecosystems.

Arizona State University is committed to a more sustainable world, and sharing knowledge of conservation biology and ecology through the BS program in biological sciences with a concentration in conservation biology and ecology is one critical component to help meet this global challenge.

Conservation biologists at ASU investigate the impact of humans on Earth's biodiversity and develop practical approaches to prevent the extinction of species and promote the sustainable use of biological resources. Some investigate the causes of ecosystem degradation and use ecological principles to reestablish desired conditions in a variety of ecosystems, including rivers, wetlands, grasslands, urban landscapes and forests.

View Northland Pioneer College MyPath2ASU™ Conservation Biology and Ecology, BS

Locations of study:

Tempe, Online