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Vice Provost Academic Alliances, Cheryl Hyman - Most Influential Women

From a field of more than 2,000 women under consideration, Az Business magazine has announced its list of the Most Influential Women in Arizona Business for 2020. We’re pleased to share Cheryl Hyman, Vice Provost Academic Alliances is being recognized for her success, leadership, and brilliance.


Cheryl Hyman is a leader in overseeing alliances between ASU and other educational institutions, both locally and nationally. Academic Alliances focuses on the integration of partnership systems and practices for pathway solutions so more students can achieve seamless college journeys, degree achievement and career readiness.

 MyPath2ASU™, led by Hyman, leverages a robust infrastructure of technology and curriculum to deliver direct access to 400+ pathways into Arizona State University. The self-service benefits include personalized course-by-course visualizations that help students plan a path into their major of choice with minimal credit loss and lessening their time to degree completion.

ASU Academic Alliances builds alliances nationwide and is committed to partnership outcomes with connected end-to-end technological and academic initiatives centric to meeting students’ needs through all stages of learning and development in their community college to ASU experience.