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ASU Family Resources Advisory Board

Maureen Duane, Educational Outreach and Student Services

The board is advisory to the coordinator of ASU Family Resources. Its focus is on those programs, policies and services for students, staff and faculty with child, elder and other dependent care needs. Student members are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the senior vice president for Educational Outreach and Student services.

  • Jillian McManus, Human Resource Employee Assistance
  • Martin Reisslein, Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering
  • Jennie Bever, Nursing & Health Innovation (Downtown campus)
  • Tammy Wolf, ASU Libraries
  • Susannah Sandrin, Mathematical & Natural Sciences (West campus)
  • Sharon Lee, Dean's office, W. P. Carey (staff council representative)
  • Joyce Martin, ASU Libraries

Student members (4 undergraduate, 4 graduate):

  • Hans Behrens, graduate student
  • Emily Higgins Keppler, graduate student
  • Angela Cazel-Jahn, graduate student
  • Melissa Rosas, undergraduate student