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ASU Staff Council

The purpose and mission of the ASU Staff Council (SC) is to serve as a voice for university staff, to advise the president of ASU on the working climate, and to raise issues and concerns of university staff. The council also works to support university staff through various activities and initiatives.

  • Improving Working Climate - The council strives to improve the employment environment, policies and procedures affecting staff, and the general welfare and equal opportunities for university staff.
  • Enhancing Staff Communication - The council focuses on enhancing internal communication among staff on all campuses, other universities within Arizona, as well as with the local communities.
  • Promoting Professional Development - The council works to promote organizational and professional development opportunities to university staff.

Council Board Members:

Executive board

The Executive Board for the Staff Council consists of officers for each Staff Council campus.

  • Carolyn Starr, New College (president)
  • Shawn Banzhaf, Pat Tillman Veterans Center (president elect)
  • James Bogner, Financial Aid and Scholarship Services (treasurer)
  • Patty Rosciano, HR Employee Recognition (secretary)
  • Patricia Odle, ASU Libraries (past president)
  • Tuong-Vi Le, Educational Outreach and Student Services (parliamentarian)

Downtown Phoenix campus

  • TBD (vice president)
  • TBD (assistant vice president)

Polytechnic campus 

  • Caitlin Simpson, University Academic Success Programs (vice president)
  • Michael Detwiler, Classroom Technology (assistant vice president)

Tempe campus

  • Adero Allison, Disability Resources (vice president)
  • Krystal Lewis, Auxiliary Business Services (assistant vice president)

West campus

  • Cheryl Warren, Government and Community Engagement (vice president)
  • Jackie Collins, Recruitment (assistant vice president)

Staff council committee chairs

  • Activities and Events Committee: Katherine Senzig, Tessie Bracken
  • Communications Committee: Janette Moerer, Kristen Lee
  • Health and Safety Committee: Alana LaBelle
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA): Tuong-Vi Le, Krystal Lewis
  • Membership and Recruitment Committee: Arthur Morales, Vera Von Esse
  • Scholarship and Fundraising Committee: Eileen Broom
  • Sustainability Committee: Tiffany Tal-Pomrening, Landon Davison
  • Work Climate Committee: Juliette Dixon
  • Staff Appreciation Committee: Julie Lane
  • Professional Development Committee: Patricia Rosciano