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Committee for Campus Inclusion

Each of the four campuses has a Committee for Campus Inclusion (CCI) to promote campus-wide appreciation of inclusiveness and respect for all individuals, while also protecting free speech and academic freedom. These teams promote a positive, harmonious campus environment that celebrates individual and group diversity, promotes individualism, provides information to the campus community and resolves issues in such a manner as to respect all persons and their dignity. To coordinate university-wide initiatives and ensure communication among all CCI campuses, there is an executive committee consisting of a university chair, co-chair from each campus, ex officio, and vice provost for inclusion and community engagement. Each team is advisory to the provost and appointed by the vice provost.

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Executive Committee:

  • Stanlie M. James, Vice Provost for Inclusion and Community Engagement
  • Cassandra Aska, CCI University Chair, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students, Tempe


  • Venita Hawthorne James, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Downtown Phoenix Campus
  • Benjamin Mills, Educational Outreach and Student Services, Downtown Phoenix campus
  • Jennifer Stults Krasnow, Student Engagement, Polytechnic campus
  • Zinkenyu Knight, W. P. Carey School of Business, Polytechnic campus
  • Zachary Reeves-Blurton, Graduate College, Tempe campus
  • Drew Ross, International Student Scholar Office, Tempe campus
  • Claudia Villegas-Silva, School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies West campus
  • Linda Torres, Educational Outreach and Student Services, West campus

Ex officio:

  • Kevin Salcido, Office of Human Resources
  • Erin Ellison, Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Karen Engler-Weber, Office of the University Provost
  • Debbie Tibbs-Collins, Office of Inclusion and Community Engagement

Roster 2018 - 2019

Downtown Phoenix campus

ASU Downtown Phoenix campus meetings are held on Tuesday's from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., Cronkite Room 444, Downtown Phoenix campus. Contact campus Co-chairs for specific dates.

  • Jasmine Dean, Career and Professional Dev. Center (2021)
  • Paloma Delgado, Student Advocate (2019)
  • Kathleen Dixon, SNHP Nutrition (2020)
  • Dawn Gilpin, Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication (2019)
  • Edwin Gonzalez-Santin, School of Social Work (2019)
  • LaToya Grigler, Counseling Services, (2021)
  • Kristine Hoffner, College of Health Solutions (2019)
  • Kelly Jackson, School of Social Work (2020)
  • Jesenia Pizarro-Terrill, Criminal Justice & Criminology (2020)
  • Sandra Price, School of Community Resources & Development (2020)
  • Rhonda Pruitt, Counseling Services (2020)
  • Kelly Ramella, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions (2019)
  • Elsbeth Schneider-Pollack, Disability Resource Center (2020)
  • Lisa Smith, SNHP Exercise Science & Health Promotions (2020)
  • Cody Telep, Criminology and Criminal Justice (2019)
  • Jayn von Delden, Criminology and Criminal Justice (2019)
  • Lili Wang, School of Community Resources and Development (2021)


Polytechnic campus

ASU Polytechnic CCI campus meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month from 11 a.m. to 12 noon, Sutton Hall (SUTON), Conference Room 230. Contact campus Co-chairs for specific dates.


  • Jennifer Chandler, CISA,  Interdisciplinary Letters and Sciences (2020)
  • Joy Gaeraths, Polytechic School Advising (2019)
  • Donald Guillory, CISA,  Interdisciplinary Letters and Sciences (2020)
  • Olivia Haupt, ASU Office of the Dean Poly (2020)
  • Chris Kyselka,  The Polytechnic School (2020)
  • Sarah Nucci, ASUP Office of the Dean (2020)
  • Rod Roscoe, Polytechnic School HSE Programs (2020)
  • Ding Ding Zheng, TRIO Student Support Services (2020)

Tempe campus

Meetings are held on second Tuesday of each month, 12:00  –1 p.m., Memorial Union (MU), L1 - 33 Hohokam.  Contact campus Co-chairs for specific dates.

  • Rejahn Adams, student (2019)
  • Tricia Bawn, ASU Disability Center (2020)
  • Melanie Bertrand, Div Education  Leadership & Innovation (2020)
  • Elizabeth Cantu, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (2019)
  • Jennifer Cason, Graduate College (2020)
  • Madhavi Chakravadhanula, School of Life Sciences Administration (2020)
  • Benjamin Fong, Barrett Honors College (2020)
  • Jason Garcia, Disability Resources Center (2020)
  • Monica Gaughan, School of Human Evolution and Social Change (2020)
  • Jasmin Hunter, W.P. Carey School of Business (2020)
  • Ana Magdalena Hurtado, School of Human Evolution and Social Change (2020)
  • Carlos Yanez Navarro, student (2019)
  • Ronald Jackson, Dean of Students Office (2020)
  • Arina Melkozernova, School of Sustainability (2020)
  • Javon Miller, Residential Life (2019)
  • Kelsie Nabors, Graduate Student Representative (2019)
  • Amy Pate, SOLS, Undergraduate Programs (2019)
  • Matthew Rowan, Student (2019)
  • Rene Tanner, ASU Libraries (2020)
  • Cynthia Tompkins, School of International Languages and Culture (2020)

West campus

ASU West campus CCI meetings are held the third Thursday of each month from noon to 1:30 pm, Faculty /Administration Bldg. (FAB), Public Affairs Conference Room/S357, 3rd Floor.  All are welcome to attend these meetings.  Contact campus Co-chairs for specific dates.


  • Lucy Berchini, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (2019)
  • Kathy Gunn, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Dean's Office (2019)
  • Donna Larracas, Sun Devil Fitness (2020)
  • Martha Mendoza, Thunderbird (2021)
  • Karla Murphy, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (2021)
  • Elias Robles-Sotelo, Social & Behavioral Sciences (2020)
  • Perla Vargas, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences (2021)
  • Claudia Villegas-Silva,  Humanities Art & Culture (2020)