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Honors Faculty Council


Kevin Redding, Molecular Sciences

The council is advisory to the dean of Barrett, The Honors College to develop and formulate policies, recommend honors courses and curricula and administrative procedures. The council is appointed by and responsible to the dean (one-year terms). 

  • Marianne Barrett, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Karen Bruhn, Honors College
  • Chris Buneo, Biological and Health Systems Engineering
  • Nancy Childress, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
  • Mutsumi Nakamura, Computing Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering
  • Amira de la Garza, Communication
  • Penny Dolin, Polytechnic
  • Kay Faris, Business
  • Benjamin Fong, Honors College
  • Nicola Foote, Honors College
  • David Foster, International Letters and Cultures
  • Esma Gel, Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering
  • Oscar Giner, Film, Dance and Theatre
  • Mark Henderson, Polytechnic
  • Kristen Hermann, Honors College
  • Craig Allen, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Carol Johnston, Nutrition and Health Promotion
  • Carol Stevens, Nursing and Health Innovation
  • Mark Jacobs, Honors College
  • George Thomas, Politics and Global Studies
  • John Lynch, Honors College
  • Jacquelyn Lynch, Honors College
  • Jane Maienschein, Life Sciences
  • Kevin McGraw, Life Sciences
  • Clark Presson, Psychology
  • Ramsey Eric Ramsey, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Danko Sipka, International Letters and Cultures
  • Rebecca Soares, Honors College
  • Tracy Spinrad, Social and Family Dynamics
  • James (Chad) Johnson, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  • Valana Wells, Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy
  • Rachel Fedock, Honors College
  • Henry (Hank) Fradella, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • John Eaton, Marketing
  • Kay Norton, Music
  • Kelli Larson, Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
  • Michael Ostling, Honors College