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Memorial Union Advisory Board

The mission of the Memorial Union Advisory Board (MUAB) is to formulate, initiate, and review Memorial Union policies and practices including budget, marketing, food service, facilities, programming, and planning. The MUAB will make recommendations to the senior vice president for Educational Outreach and Student Services and Memorial Union on behalf of and inclusive of ASU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community, while fully supporting the missions of the MU and ASU and assessing the needs of the community. Student members are selected through an application process while faculty, staff, and a community member are appointed by the executive director and staff adviser.

The membership of the board shall be composed of eight members and one ex-officio member. The eight members will include: four students who are enrolled at ASU as undergraduate students and a student who is enrolled at ASU as a graduate student, one faculty member, one staff member and one Aramark staff member. The MU Executive Director shall serve as the ex-officio member. The MU Advisory Board shall be advised by a staff member from the Memorial Union.

Membership for 2021-22:

  • Student Undergraduate (1) – Katie Davis (USG representative)
  • Student Undergraduate (2) – Alexandra LoPiccolo (MU Student Employee representative)
  • Student Undergraduate (3) – Anish Gona (General student member)
  • Student Undergraduate (4) – James Fischer (General student member)
  • Student Graduate (5) –  Nicole Mayberry (GPSA representative)
  • Faculty: Robert Kleinsasser (Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Innovation)
  • Staff: Daphne Gill (ASU Library, Assistant Director, Learning Services Noble)
  • Memorial Union Staff Member/Operations: Rebecca Steinmetz (Program Manager, Event and Meeting Services)
  • Aramark Representative: Sal Fazzah (Aramark General Manager)
  • Ex officio member: Jeff Rensel (Director, Facilities/Operations/Events)