National Scholarships and Fellowships Committee

Janet Burke, Honors College

The committee advises students regarding application for the Truman, Goldwater, Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Udall, National Security Education Program, Circumnavigators, and other scholarships and fellowships. It evaluates applications, interviews candidates, and transmits applications with appropriate evaluations to the national screening and selection committees. The committee works with the Lorraine W. Frank Office of National Scholarship Advisement. Member selection is based on expertise in fields appropriate to the various scholarships and willingness to serve on the various selection, evaluation or nomination committees on a regular basis.  The committee is responsible to the executive vice president and university provost; appointments are made by the executive vice president and university provost on the recommendation of the dean of Barrett, The Honors College (three-year terms based on an academic year). 

  • John Alexander, International Letters & Cultures (2015)
  • Souad Ali, International Letters & Cultures (2017)
  • Ara Barsam, Teacher Education & Leadership (2015)
  • Abdullahi Gallab, Social Transformation (2016)
  • Mary Sigler, Law (2016)
  • David Foster, International Letters & Cultures (2016)
  • Wilson Francisco, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2015)
  • Alan Gomez, Social Transformation (2016)
  • Steve Batalden, Melikian Center (2016)
  • Eric Kostelich, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences (2017)
  • Barbara Lafford, Letters & Sciences
  • Ben Hurlbut, Life Sciences, (2015)
  • Ben Minteer, Life Sciences (2016)
  • Vincent Pizziconi, Biological & Health Systems Engineering (2015)
  • Charles Perrings, Life Sciences (2015)
  • Jody Rockmaker, Music (2015)
  • Willem Vermaas, Life Sciences (2016)
  • Danko Sipka, International Letters & Cultures (2016)

Ex officio: The provost of the university