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University Laboratory Safety Committee


Mitch Magee, Assistant Research Professor, Biodesign Center for Personalized Diagnostics
Vice Chair, David Gillum, Senior Director, Environmental Health and Safety

The committee is advisory to the executive vice president of Knowledge Enterprise and the Provost on all aspects of promoting a strong safety culture for research and all academic endeavors at ASU. The committee is charged with the creation of a program to assess and ensure the safe use of Particularly Hazardous Substances (e.g., chemicals) at ASU as well as physical energy sources (e.g., machines, power presses etc.) that may present a hazard to university researchers, students and guests.

The committee will also provide guidance for forming and the utilization of unit safety committees, annual unit safety reports, and work to obtain resources for safety improvements and awards to build and promote a strong safety culture within each unit. The committee is appointed by and is responsible to the Vice President for Research, who reports to the executive vice president.

  • Avi Wiezel, Fulton Schools of Engineering
  • Vacant, School of Molecular Sciences
  • Kevin McGraw, School of Life Sciences
  • Carol Johnston, College of Health Solutions
  • Megan Petrov, Edson College of Nursing and Heath Innovation
  • Richard Hervig, School of Earth and Space Exploration
  • Mary Neubauer, Herberger Institute
  • Thomas Cahill, New College, School of Mathematical and Natural Science
  • Benjamin Timpson, School of Art
  • Douglas Green, College of Integrative Science and Arts (Polytechnic)
  • Taylor Weiss, Polytechnic School, Fulton Schools
  • Neha Chawla, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Michael Gaskin, Facilities Management KE
  • Alexander Krikliwy, Facilities Management KE
  • Benjamin Mitsuda, Office of General Counsel
  • Debra Murphy, Knowledge Enterprise
  • Robert Ott, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Helen Sandrolini, University Health Services
  • Tracey Swift, University Risk Manager