Curriculum Development

Curriculum development

Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC)

January 22, 2009

AgendaCurriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC) Computing Commons – room 123Video Conferencing Locations: Downtown Phoenix campus: UCENT 317 Polytechnic campus: Center Building 147 West campus: FAB N 301G (recently renamed FAB 302)Call to OrderApproval of Minutes December 4, 2008Old BusinessCON 554  Trenchless Construction MethodsDCI  704  Adult Learning Theory and PracticeNAN 506  Innovation and IP Management    REL  395  Religion and PsychologyNew BusinessAction Items:Curriculum Proposals   College of Liberal Arts and Sciences American Indian studies Disestablishment of an Undergraduate Certificate American Indian StudiesNew Course ProposalsThe following new course proposals are available for your review via the on-line ACRES system CAPC members- You can now query the new courses scheduled for the next CAPC meeting.Follow the steps below to view the list of courses waiting for your review and comment.Under FEATURES, click on Custom Form Query link.Click on New Course Curriculum Form link.Click on CAPC date link (at end of list).Type in CAPC date (format: mm/dd/yyyy). CAPC dates can be found in Agendas.Click “Query” button.Sort records by clicking the horizontal-bar square next to “Summary ” in the header.Click View link next to course to review and submit comments.ACC 512   Advanced AuditingACC 513   Advanced Financial Accounting ASB 570   Immigration to the U.S. CRJ 607   Advanced Topics in Policing CRJ 611   Advanced Topics in Crime and Victimization EXW 645   Biostatistics in Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Wellness EXW 701   Research Methods for Community-Based Interventions HPS 610   HPS Lab 1 INT 512   Decorative Arts in Historic Interiors: A Thematic Overview INT 513   Textiles in Historic Interiors: Appearance, Function, Symbolism MAE 574   Fluid Transport in Macro/ Nanoscale Devices NAN 564   Bionanotechnology NTR 537   Evidenced-Based Nutrition    PAF 604   Foundations of Public Administration II PAF 610   Advanced Qualitative Methods for Public Affairs Research PUP 585   International Field Studies in Planning PUP 516   International City Design SGS 344   Facing the Past: Truth, Memory, Denial After Atrocities 5. Adjourn