Curriculum Development

Curriculum development

Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC)

October 16, 2008

AgendaCurriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC) October 16, 2008, 3:30 - 5 p.m.Computing Common, room 123Approve minutes from October 2, 2008Action Items:Curriculum ProposalsCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences School of Life Sciences Establishment of a graduate degree Ph.D. in Environmental Life Sciences   College of Liberal Arts and Sciences/ New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Establishment of a graduate degree M.A. in Applied Ethics and the ProfessionsCollege of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation Establishment of a Graduate Concentration M.S. in Nursing (Geriatric Nurse Practitioner)   Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering Establishment of a Graduate Certificate Nuclear Power GenerationNew Course ProposalsThe following new course proposals are available for your review via the online ACRES system 601 Professional Role Development in Nursing and Healthcare InnovationSTS 101 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society STS 110 Global Technology and Development STS 301 Research in Science and Technology Studies STS 302 Philosophy of Science and Technology STS 304 Science, Technology and Society STS 305 Science and Social Theory STS 306 Social Effects of Science and Technology STS 317 Science, Technology and Global Engagement STS 318 Science, Technology and Government STS 325 Science, Technnology and Public Policy STS 328 Science, Technology, and Culture STS 329 Cultivating Technology in Newly Industrializing Countries STS 330 Information Technology and Globalization STS 331 Ethical Issues in Science and Technology STS 332 Global Issues in Science and Technology STS 364 Science, Technology and National Security STS 401 Statistics in Science and Technology Studies STS 425 Law, Values and Science and Technology CEE 513 Pavement Evaluation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation CON 501 Construction Research Methods CON 520 Principles of Leadership and Management CON 554 Trenchless Construction Methods CON 563 Facility Management Fundamentals EEE 562 Nuclear Reactor Theory and Design EEE 563 Nuclear Reactor System Dynamics and Diagnostics EEE 564 Interdisciplinary Nuclear Power Operations MSE 525 Physics of Materials MSE 565 Structural Materials in Nuclear Power Systems NAN 505 Nanoscience and Society PGS 244 Introduction to Directed Child Study PUP 515 International Planning and Development PUP 527 Preservation Planning PUP 547 Gender, Activism and the Built Environment PUP 551 Sustainable Transportation Planning PUP 562 Advanced Theory of Urban Design PUP 563 The Politics of Urban Space and Design Old BusinessIEE  620 Optimization I – this course was tabled at the October 2, 2008 CAPC meeting.Additional requested information has been received.  Request approval.