Curriculum Development

Curriculum development

Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC)

October 8, 2009


Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC)
Tempe campus: Interdisciplinary B 365 
1:30 - 3 p.m.

Video Conferencing Locations:
Downtown Phoenix campus: UCENT 317
Polytechnic campus: Center Building 147
West campus: FAB N 301G (recently renamed FAB 302)

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes September 17, 2009
  3. Old Business 

D MCO 570 Master of Mass Communication Capstone
M CDE 610 Gender Development
M CDE 612 Children's Peer Relationships
M GRA 501 Creative Environment and Collaborative Leadership
M HED 701 Higher Education Doctoral Proseminar
M HED 702 Critical Policy Issues In Higher Education
M HED 703 Institutional Research and Evaluation in Higher Education
M HED 704 Qualitative Case Study Approaches For Policy Research In Higher Education
M HED 705 Ethics, Diversity, and Educational Leadership in Higher and Postsecondary Ed
M HED 707 Higher Education Institutional Types and Innovative Initiatives

4. New Business

              Action Items:

Curriculum Proposals

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
School of Life Sciences
Establishment of a new graduate degree
Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Behavior (Ph.D.)

School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Establishment of a new graduate degree
Master of Arts in Global Health (M.A.)

Disestablishment of an undergraduate certificate

  New Course Proposals

The following new course proposals are available for your review via the online ACRES system

  • Under FEATURES, click on the CAPC Date Query link.
  • Click on the date of the next CAPC meeting.
  • Sort the records by clicking the horizontal-bar square next to “Summary” in the header.
  • Click the View link next to course to review and submit comments

D MCO 532 Foundations in Mass Communication Research
D MCO 710 Research Methodology in Mass Communication
D MCO 711 Critical, Historical, Legal Research Methods in Mass Communication
D MCO 712 Freedom of Expression Theory
D MCO 720 Mass Communication Theory
D MCO 722 Philosophy of Mass Communication 
M CHI 561 Readings in Traditional Xiaoshuo
M FMS 511 Fundamentals of Cinema and Television Narrative
M FMS 512 Intermediate Cinema and Television Narrative
M SHS 523 Advanced Audiometry
M SSH 502 Professional Seminar in Global Health
M TCL 501 A Deep History of the United States/Mexico Borderlands I
M TCL 502 A Deep History of the United States/Mexico Borderlands II
M TCL 503 Epistemologies and Transborder Thought
M TCL 504 Tools for Transborder Research
M TCL 505 Theories and Mthds of Migration, Health and Applied Soc. Policy in a Transborder Context
M TCL 506 Theory and Methods of Transborder Media and Expressive Culture