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Happy New Year

The importance of community and human connection has been a persistent theme at ASU this 2023–2024 academic year. And, in my research as a psychologist and a professor, sharing who we are and what inspires us is one proven way to foster connectedness. In that spirit, I’m closing 2023 with inspiring works from ASU faculty, students and beyond that have fueled me creatively this past year. May they inspire your new year, spark your creativity, and encourage you to foster connection with others around shared joys and interests. Happy 2024!

Nancy Gonzales

Nancy Gonzales
Executive Vice President
and University Provost  

Stories that inspire


Nonfiction reads

Poverty, by America

by Matthew Desmond (ASU alum, 2002)

Braiding Sweetgrass

by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Humanly Possible

by Sarah Bakewell

How to Say Babylon: A Memoir

by Safiya Sinclair (ASU associate professor)

Thinning Blood: A Memoir of Family, Myth, and Identity

by Leah Myers (ASU alum, 2017)


by Mitchell Jackson (ASU professor)

Fiction reads

The Last Catastrophe

by Allegra Hyde

The Fraud

by Zadie Smith

The Bee Sting: A Novel

by Paul Murray

Tom Lake

by Anne Patchett

Hello Beautiful

by Ann Napolitano

Start a good book

Poverty book cover

Braiding Sweetgrass book cover

Humanly Possible book cover

How to say babylon book cover

Thinning Blood book cover

Fly book cover

Last Catastrophe book cover

The Fraud book cover

The bee sting book cover

The bee sting book cover

Choosing to run book cover


Perspectives that engage



To Mars from Arizona

by Alberto Rios (ASU professor)

The First Water is the Body

by Natalie Diaz (ASU professor)

To the Boy Who Was Night

by Rigoberto Gonzalez (ASU alum)


Zach Bush, MD, The future of human and planetary evolution

The Rich Roll podcast, episode #751


with Adam Grant


with Jonathan Menivar

Future Out Loud

with Andrew Maynard (ASU professor)
and co-host Heather Ross

Enjoy other viewpoints

Alberto Rios

Natalie Diaz

To the boy who was night book cover

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Re:thinking cover

Classy cover

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