Tara Lennon

2023 Provost Teaching Award

Associate Teaching Professor

School of Politics and Global Studies

Lennon is an associate teaching professor and the associate director of undergraduate studies in the School of Politics and Global Studies. Lennon is passionate about enabling students' voices to be heard in the classroom, and regularly utilizes a wide range of techniques to support student engagement, from Slack channels and interactive polling to innovative “fishbowl” town hall discussions. Such efforts, coupled with innovative simulation activities, enable students to not only practice and develop skills in civil discourse, but to critically examine how domestic and foreign policies influence global sustainability. Lennon’s work with students extends beyond the classroom, as she oversees the Arizona Legislative and Governmental Internship Program, hosts a book club for her Political Ideologies course, leads global experiences, and regularly directs Barrett, The Honors College theses. Taken together, her work clearly supports ASU’s design aspirations, as she enables student success through the socially embedded, interdisciplinary and global experiences she offers.


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 Tara Lennon