Data Oversight Council

Gordon Wishon

The Data Oversight Council was established to ensure that effective data management principles are applied to university data and is authorized to establish and enforce policies, standards and procedures to provide for the effective use, maintenance, retention and protection of university data.

The council consists of representative data stewards from across the university and other expert stakeholders.

The Council:

University Senate - Library Liaison Committee

Victor Pambuccian, Faculty, Chair 2013

Committee on the ASU Libraries

The Library Liaison Committee shall advise the University Librarian on policies and strategic issues relating to the University Libraries and issues pertaining to innovations in forms of scholarly communication. It assists the library administration in determining the effect on collection development policy of new or changing programs, changing patterns of faculty and student use of the library and its resources, and the varied needs of the different disciplines.

Committee on Research and Creative Activities

Joseph Comfort, Physics, 2015

The Research Committee is advisory to the Vice President of Knowledge and Enterprise Development on policies and programs to promote, enhance, and govern research and creative activities.

Animal Users Advisory Committee

Yung Chang, Biodesign

The role of the Animal Users Advisory Committee (AUAC) is to enhance communication between the investigators and the three branches of the ASU Animal Use Program -- the Department of Animal Care and Technologies (DACT), the University Veterinarian, and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  The committee will advise the senior vice president for the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED).  The mission of AUAC is to help develop an animal use program that effectively and efficiently provides client services to the investigators and thus maximizes resea

University Promotion and Continuing Appointment Review Committee (UPCARC)

Bee Gallegos, Fletcher Library, Chair (2015)

The committee provides the final university-level peer review for academic professionals for continuing appointment and promotion and makes recommendations to the university provost. The members of the committee are appointed by the university provost upon recommendation of the deans and serve three-year terms.

University Undergraduate Standards Committee

Frederick C. Corey, Vice Provost

The committee is advisory to the university provost regarding undergraduate student petitions that concern university-wide academic requirements. The committee is appointed by and responsible to the university provost (two-year terms).

University Senate - Executive Committee

The committee prepares the agenda for Academic Senate meetings and facilitates regular and special business of the senate. It initiates and supports actions on matters of concern to the university and provides direction to the senate president and to the senate committee chairs. It evaluates senate committee structure and proposes amendments for the Academic Constitution and Bylaws. Memberships includes officers of the senate, UAC members, the university president and provost of the university, and the chairs of the senate standing committees.

University Senate - Personnel Committee

Brad Armendt, Chair, Life Sciences, 2013

The committee serves in a policy-forming and advisory capacity in the study, clarification, and formulation of policies and procedures affecting faculty as specified in the Academic Constitution and Bylaws. Eleven senators are elected by the Senate, including five from the Tempe campus and two each from the Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, and West campuses. (Two-year terms)

Downtown Campus Members 

  • TBA
  • Sandra Mayol-Kreiser, Health Solutions, 2014

Polytechnic Campus Members

Public Safety Advisory Committee - Polytechnic campus

Michael Mader, Chair

The Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) serves in an advisory and consultative role and is responsible to the Executive Vice President, Treasurer and CFO. The mission of the PSAC is to make recommendations to assist the ASU Police Department (ASU PD) to be responsive to the needs of the campuses and local communities and to provide the university administration with a vehicle to receive regular input on issues surrounding crime abatement, law enforcement, public safety, and emergency preparedness.

University Services and Facilities Committee

Francisco Lara Valencia, Chair, Transborder Studies, 2013

The committee serves in an advisory capacity in the study, clarification and formulation of policies and procedures in areas affecting the university, including public relation initiatives at the legislature and legislative coffees, campus master planning and policy review for special use of facilities on campus.  Membership: Eleven senators elected by the senate, including five from the Tempe campus and two each from the West, Polytechnic, and Downtown Phoenix campuses.

Downtown Campus Members

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