Curriculum Development

Curriculum development

GSC Thursday, December 14, 2023

Expedited Review of Courses for General Studies Gold

Consent Agenda

SPA 101, SPA 201 and SPA 202 are incorrectly included on the attached consent agenda. They are not approved for General Studies Gold. All other courses on the attached consent agenda have been approved for General Studies Gold designations, as indicated.

General Studies Gold Knowledge Areas and Designations:
Humanities, Arts and Design (HUAD)
Social and Behavioral Sciences (SOBE)
Scientific Thinking in Natural Sciences (SCIT)
Quantitative Reasoning (QTRS)
Mathematics (MATH)
American Institutions (AMIT)
Governance and Civic Engagement (CIVI)
Global Communities, Societies and Individuals (GCSI)
Sustainability (SUST)