P13: Fixed-Term Academic Professional Promotion Requirements for Academic Unit Bylaws

Effective Date: March 23, 1987

Revision Date: September 5, 2019

Arizona State University requires academic unit and college bylaws to include information regarding fixed-term academic professional promotions. If an academic unit has fixed-term academic professionals, no promotion for fixed-term academic professionals will be considered from a unit that does not have promotion requirements approved by the provost. The promotion criteria must be included as part of the promotion package.

Written policies/procedures or bylaws, approved by the academic personnel of the unit, reviewed by the dean, and approved by the provost, should include:

  1. unit mission statement and objectives, i.e., the context within which individual academic professional contributions can be measured
  2. definition of the categories of academic professional work to be evaluated, i.e., position effectiveness; professional contributions; and institutional, professional, and community service
  3. criteria for the evaluation of work
  4. explanation of how cases of joint and/or affiliated appointments will be evaluated, e.g., inclusion of evaluative comments from affiliated departments
  5. types of evidence/file contents to be submitted by candidates under review (see P12, “Promotion for Fixed-Term Academic Professionals Process Guide)
  6. compliance with university and Board of Regents policies and procedures

For more information, see ACD 507-07