P12: Fixed-Term Academic Professional Promotion File Contents Submitted to the Executive Vice President and Provost of the University

Effective Date: March 23, 1987

Revised Date: July 1, 2011

The following should be included in each file to facilitate a thorough review:

  1. the Request for Academic Personnel Action form, along with any additional forms used by the academic unit
  2. table of contents for materials in the candidate’s submission
  3. evaluation(s) by academic unit and college personnel committee(s)
  4. transmittal/evaluation letters of the chair/director and dean(s)
  5. evidence of effectiveness in:
    1. position effectiveness
    2. professional contributions
    3. institutional, professional, and community service
  1. a self-assessment-goal statement provided by the candidate (up to four pages long); optional supplemental statement by the candidate related to position effectiveness (up to two pages long)
  2. a current curriculum vitae for the candidate
  3. supporting evidence of excellence in the area(s) of assignment
  4. a position description for the candidate.

A cover list from the dean should be provided of all clinical faculty, lecturers, research faculty, and/or professors of practice in the college listed by academic unit who are currently being reviewed.

Please see the Promotion and Tenure website for up-to-date information on file requirements. For more information, see ACD 507-07, "Academic Professional Promotion".