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Academic Alliances

Partnership onboarding and integration

Upon launching partnership with ASU, the Academic Alliances team is dedicated to curating step-by-step launch plans and offers guidance on the discovery and integration of new processes and programs that invest in new ways to jointly make the transfer experience easier between our two institutions. We work with partnership schools to align on the use of transfer tool technologies, media, communications and data.

Academic Alliances partnership onboarding and integrations process

Partnership engagement and onboarding

Partnership engagement and resources

Academic Alliances provides initial training for each new partner and ongoing engagement and training for all partners. Twice a year, updates for partnering institutions and training on MyPath2ASU is provided in October as a part of National Transfer Week, and we hold a spring series of webinars every April. 

If you are a partnering institution and would like training on MyPath2ASU provided in between these larger trainings, please contact AApartnerengagement@asu.edu.

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