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Community College Partnerships

Universal Articulation is an ASU Academic Alliances partnership model to support the Universal Learner. We have expanded on the traditional Articulation Agreement by creating a Universal Articulation through which transfer courses are evaluated to minimize loss of credit through transfer and both institutions support student success through seamless transfer. Students will have access to 400+ transfer pathways into ASU.

What is Universal Articulation?

Universal Articulation at Arizona State University gives students attending partnering community colleges access to ASU’s transfer tools, in order to help create a seamless transition to ASU and enable students to successfully complete their bachelor’s degree.

Through the Universal Articulation MOU both institutions agree to support academic preparedness and seamless transfer through course by course evaluation, data sharing, and reverse transfer (dependent on ASU and the partnering institution technology capabilities). 

The ASU transfer tools are available to students and staff that support them. Diverse MyPath2ASU™ degree options can be tailored based on partner community college needs (within ASU degree requirements).

Why partner with Academic Alliances?

Universal Articulation at Arizona State University works collaboratively with partnering institutions to fully integrate ASU Academic Alliances services and student transfer success tools. We believe that embedding ASU early and often will help provide students with an end-to-end connected pathway experience that will enable academic preparedness, college completion and career readiness.