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Academic Program Review

The Arizona Board of Regents (2-208) requires Academic Program Reviews at least once every seven years. Periodic program reviews provide a mechanism for faculty to evaluate the effectiveness, progress and status of their academic programs on a continuous basis. At Arizona State University, the Executive Director for Accreditation and Program Review serves as the University Program Review Accreditation (UPRA) Officer and is responsible for oversight of program reviews. The Office of the University Provost coordinates the Academic Program Review process, which covers all program inventory of an academic unit including undergraduate and graduate programs as well as other curricular offerings such as certificates.

The program review process is intended to provide a comprehensive assessment of the current status of an academic unit based on its programs, activities and achievements since its last program review while also providing the unit the opportunity to think strategically regarding its curricular offerings and its future direction. In doing so, the unit provides comparisons with its peers, identifies strengths and weaknesses in its curriculum and instruction; assesses student quality and educational (learning) outcomes; provides an account of faculty contributions in teaching, research/creative activities, and service; assesses resource availability and needs; and summarizes special features or services provided by the unit. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the program review should allow the unit, in conjunction with the university, to plan to build on existing strengths, maximize opportunities for growth and solve current problems.



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