Curriculum Development

Curriculum development

Combined courses

General guidelines

  • All crosslisted course sections can be combined. (Please note the exceptions provided.)
  • A permanent course cannot be combined with omnibus courses at the same level (grad and undergrad) with the exception of honors courses.
  • The number of credit hours must match.
  • All ASU Online/iCourse location classes that have the same subject and catalog number can be combined for purposes of making one class roster.
  • Students should be in the same class and should normally get different syllabi with requirements appropriate to their level. If a single syllabus is used, it must reflect the rigor of the requirements adjusted to match the level of the course number for the combined course. Units are expected to add additional assignments for the higher level of the combined course. (e.g., 400- and 500-level combined courses).

100-, 200-, 300- and 400-level courses may be combined if one of the following criteria is met

  • All sections are crosslisted.
  • All sections are omnibus.
  • A permanent number with the same level of HON omnibus

400- and 500-level courses may be combined utilizing the following stipulations (as applicable)

  • All sections are omnibus (course topics must have the same topic title).
  • Permanent 400 with permanent 500: the enrollment requirements must specify: “Credit is allowed for only course A or course B.”
  • A permanent 400 with omnibus 500: course title and class topic must match.
  • An omnibus 400 with permanent 500: class topic and course title must match.

Please note: The syllabi for all 400 and 500 combinations must indicate additional course requirements for students at the 500 level.

Exceptions to general guidelines

  • 500-level courses cannot be included with any combinations at the 100, 200, or 300 levels.
  • 600- or 700-level courses cannot be combined with one another or with any other level courses. (University and ABOR policy does not allow undergraduates to take 600- and 700-level courses.) However, please note that 600-level courses can be crosslisted.