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Kuali Curriculum Management

Kuali Curriculum Management provides a method of electronically submitting and routing curricular proposals. Using this system, faculty, staff, and administrators at Arizona State University can create, route, evaluate, and approve new courses and programs, course and program modifications, fees, topics, and other curricular related items within ASU. The system also provides a way to track where a proposal is in the approval process and to access proposals from any ASU unit.

Please go to Career EDGE for required Kuali training materials, and then request Kuali access via this form. See the Curriculum Development webpage for more resources.

If you already have a Kuali CM account, go to MyASU and click on the link under Teaching & Student Support Tools > Curriculum Management (Kuali).

If you have questions regarding access to Kuali, contact

Our previous curriculum management system, Curriculum ChangeMaker, is still available for historical purposes only.

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