Curriculum Development

Curriculum development

Crosslisted courses

Crosslisted courses are the same content offered under different subject codes, and may have different course numbers. They may be offered by more than one academic unit.

The following rules apply to crosslisted courses:

  • Permanent courses cannot be crosslisted to omnibus courses (and vice versa).
  • Crosslisted courses cannot exist within the same subject.
  • Crosslisted courses must match in every way except for subject and number; subject codes cannot match; numbers can match (but do not necessarily have to match). (e.g., APH 100/PUP 100 or ENG 354/AFH 354 or ENG 501/EDP 563 or SOS 632/HIS 614)
  • Crosslisted courses must match in number at the same level (e.g., lower-division with lower-division, upper-division with upper-division courses, 500-level courses with other 500-level courses, and 600-level courses with other 600-level courses).

Crosslisted courses are assigned a course equivalency number and students will get credit for only one course in the pair or group of crosslisted courses. Some units may require students to enroll in a course under a certain subject to properly receive credit.

If a crosslisted course is being added, changed, or deleted, the academic unit creating the Kuali proposal must verify the request with the department(s) of the other course(s) in the crosslisting and attach a statement of support from the other unit(s).

See the FAQ for the differences between crosslisted courses and combined classes.