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Application for DARS Self-Service Access

  • Apply online
  • Login with your ASUrite ID and password. Select “Administrative Access Requests,” then select “DARS Access Request.”
  • There are five levels of approval which are usually processed within 48 hours or less:
    1. Supervisor (supervisor's ASUrite ID needed).
    2. Student Information Previewers.
    3. Data Trustees (Student Information, FERPA).
    4. Computer Accounts.
    5. DARS Provost Office.
  • If you will be modifying individual students' degree audits, indicate the kinds of transactions you may need to access so that the proper level of security will be assigned: e.g. simple course transactions (RC, RD, RM, RS); more complex transactions (CF, CR, CT, DT, WC, WH, XL); General Studies (GS); pre-requisite equivalencies for transfer courses needing to be exported to PeopleSoft (EQ).
  • Permissions will be removed in cases of misuse.
  • In case of advisors transferring from one department to another, in accordance with ASU's security policies: permissions will be removed and access must be requested and approved by the supervisor in the new academic unit.