Curriculum Development

Training Manuals

DARSweb Beginning and Degree Program Training
Coming soon

How to run, read and print degree audits and specialized audits.

DARSweb Exception Basics
Coming Soon

How to access, view, delete and add exceptions to a student's degree audit. Refer to training manuals below for specific exception types.

Advanced Exceptions FAQ - Training for Exception Types

  • R Types (RC, RD, RM, RS): Coming soon
  • EQ Types: Coming soon
  • GS Types: Coming soon
  • C Types (CR, CF, CS): Coming soon
  • W Types (WH): Coming soon
  • CT & RT Types: Coming soon

For advanced exceptions troubleshooting, contact

Under Category select Web Applications; and for the Specialty Type select DARS. Please be sure to include the Student ID and all information pertinent to the case.

Still have questions?

If you have DARS-related questions, please email with the following information:
Name(s), Student ID, Degree Program and Catalog Year, and exception type (if applicable) and other information pertinent to the case.