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DARSweb Beginning Manual
How to access, request and read Self-Service (DARS) audits.PDF iconself_service_web_advisor_provost_website.pdf


DARSweb Exception Basics
Coming Soon

How to access, view, delete and add exceptions to a student's degree audit. Refer to training manuals below for specific exception types.

Advanced Exceptions FAQ - Training for Exception Types

  • R Types (RC, RD, RM, RS): Coming soon
    • RM Exception: Modifying a requirement (adjusting courses or hours to a sub-requirement)
    • RS Exception: Substituting a course for a course.
    • RC Exception: Delete a series of courses from a course list.
    • RD Exception: Delete one course from a course list.
  • EQ Types: Equivalency to be sent to PeopleSoft (TRANSFER ONLY, NO ASU COURSES).Coming soon
  • GS Types: Coming soon
  • W Types (WH): Coming soon
  • CT & RT Types: Coming soon

For advanced exceptions troubleshooting, contact

Under Category select Web Applications; and for the Specialty Type select DARS. Please be sure to include the Student ID and all information pertinent to the case.

Still have questions?

If you have DARS-related questions, please email with the following information:
Name(s), Student ID, Degree Program and Catalog Year, and exception type (if applicable) and other information pertinent to the case.