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DARS Resource Center

DARS is a Degree Audit Reporting System developed by Miami University in Ohio. A degree audit is an automated report that matches courses a student has completed with the requirements of a particular academic degree program. Undergraduate students review their degree audits with their academic advisors. Students may request degree audits from DARSWeb for Students or from myASU by selecting Degree Audits (DARS) under My Programs & Advising and then selecting Request New Degree Audit. Students may request audits for their declared majors or any other major or certificate, as well as eAdvisor critical tracking audits. In addition to its functions in advisement, critical tracking, and academic planning, the degree audit is used as the checkout tool for graduation. Advisors may access students' degree audits from DARSweb for Advisors. Those links again are:

DARSWeb for Students 

DARSWeb for Advisors


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