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ASU Transfer Times: January 2021

ASU Academic Alliances Resources Webpage

At Academic Alliances, we want to ensure students, administrators and our community college partners have access to the most current information to support students in their journey to ASU. To help with this, we’ve provided access to the many resources and tools available to create a seamless transition for students and the latest news and updates for staff — all in one place!

Our Academic Alliances resources webpage was designed to be easily navigated for everyone who utilizes the site. We’ve segmented the information into three main components so you and your students can easily find the information needed to stay informed and connected.

1. Academic Alliances news and updates: Here you’ll have access to past issues of Transfer Times (plus the ability to sign up, so be sure to share with your colleagues!), timely blog posts and articles, and direct links to the latest higher education news and resources.

2. Resources for students: We encourage your students to sign up for one of the spring MyPath2ASU™ webinars to gain a first-hand view of the sign-up process and to learn all about the many benefits that being on a pathway to ASU offers.

Additionally, students can link directly to the Visit ASU site to create a customized virtual visit experience hosted live by ASU enrollment and academic team members.

3. Resources for administrators: A comprehensive library of resources is readily available to provide all the information you may need. Resources included information on Universal Articulation, the Transfer Guide, degree programs and financial aid, transferring to ASU and more. You can also access the many digital resources available, including our dynamic series of Your Future at ASUviewbooks and downloadable marketing materials. You can even “Sparkify” your office and show everyone your Sun Devil spirit with some fun spirit items as well!


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Community Colleges In the News

Rio Salado College

 When COVID-19 made its way to Arizona in March, Governor Doug Ducey’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected Executive Order combined with concerns from parents and educators compelled K-12 schools to quickly transition to online instruction.


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The Chronicle of Higher Education

Congress will give colleges $20 billion in relief and some long-awaited policy reforms.


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Inside Higher Education

Dig deeper into the state of community college enrollments, and you'll find some hints at what could be keeping some institutions afloat while others sink.


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Academic College Highlight: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Known as the academic heart of Arizona State University, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences educates and supports the largest and most diverse student population. Within the college's three divisions –– humanities, natural sciences and social sciences –– are 23 schools and departments featuring degrees for students interested in learning new languages, studying the human experience, planning for a healthier community, discovering new breakthroughs on Earth and in space, creating diverse, inclusive spaces, and much more.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers more than 95 undergraduate programs, offering ample opportunities for students to explore subject areas they’re interested in. Students learn from 1,200+ faculty members, many of who are award-winning and at the top of their fields. With top faculty comes top research programs. According to the National Science Foundation Higher Education Research and Development, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences nationally ranks:


  • #1 for anthropology
  • #2 for geological and earth sciences
  • #4 for social sciences
  • #5 for political sciences
  • #5 for humanities
  • #13 for psychology

With planning and support from the college's advising team and MyPath2ASU™, transferring to pursue a degree in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences can be easy and allow students to have all the experiences they dream of. Students can customize their ASU journey through study abroad, undergraduate research, internships and more.

The Sun Devil stories of recent graduates and transfer students, Angélica César and Micah McCreary, demonstrate some of those opportunities.

While studying for dual degrees in political science and transborder Chicana/o and Latina/o studies, Angélica César was involved in a variety of opportunities, including serving as a Democratic staff intern at the Arizona Legislature, interning with U.S. Representative Mike Levin through the Hispanic Caucus Institute and serving as president of ASU’s Aliento.

After transferring to The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences following his first-year at another institution, Micah McCrearyimmersed himself in language and culture studies, studying abroad in China and Taiwan, and participating in the International Chinese Language Program and the French Language and Culture in Lyon programs. Micah participated in the ASU United Nations Association as well. He graduated with three degrees in English, French and political science.

Want to stay connected and get a better idea of student life and opportunities in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences? Follow ASU The College on FacebookInstagram or Twitter to stay up-to-date with student stories, events and more.

"Tips 4 Transfer" — Start Your ASU Application Early

Arizona State University’s Transfer Student Ambassadors are current ASU transfer students excited to assist fellow students as they transition to ASU. “Tips 4 Transfer” is a series of helpful transfer tips delivered by our TSAs. ASU transfer student Maria Perez Martinez shares useful advice to encourage fellow students interested in transferring to ASU to start their application a year out from transfer. Applying to ASU a year in advance will allow students enough time to send in their transcripts, apply for financial aid, meet with their ASU advisors, and build their schedule.


Fun Fridays with ASU's Transfer Student Ambassadors

MyPath2ASU™ Pathway Students will be invited to join workshops this spring given by ASU’s Transfer Student Ambassadors for their Friday Hangouts ! Our ambassadors assist MyPath2ASU™ students and provide concierge service for any questions or needs they may have as they work to complete their associate degrees. In their fun and interactive workshops, they will provide a lot of helpful information for transfer students about what it’s like to be a Sun Devil that transferred to ASU. If you know a student who has recently signed up for a pathway, please encourage them to attend!


Thank you for all you do to assist students in transferring to ASU.

Arizona State University welcomes and values the diversity and life experiences of transfer students. We offer hundreds of degree programs and a comprehensive, responsive network of academic, financial and social opportunities designed for the success of all students. Transfer students come to ASU with a wide range of goals and aspirations. ASU provides the tools that allow each transfer student to explore pathways to and through the university, toward personal and professional fulfillment.