Threats to faculty and staff

Threats to faculty and staff

Threats of physical harm to an ASU faculty member or staff member

In the event that a faculty member or staff member receives a communication from any person which includes a statement of an intention to inflict harm, injury or damage to a person or to property, please notify the ASU Police.  

For any threat that suggests it is imminent or might be acted upon immediately, please call 911. 

ASU Police can be contacted at (480) 965-3456.

Intimidation of ASU faculty or staff

ASU will respond in a timely manner to all reports of harassment or intimidation of Arizona State University faculty and staff. The university wants to ensure that:

  • ASU faculty and staff concerns about harassment or intimidation can be easily reported
  • Such reports are appropriately investigated by ASU Police or state or federal officials
  • ASU leadership including the appropriate deans are made aware of the concerns, including any possible operational implications arising from the harassment or intimidation

To assist ASU in the identification of possible threats and risks to the university and its faculty and staff, the university monitors social media services and messages that are posted in the public domain. Any suspicious or threatening messages of this type will be reviewed by ASU to attempt to determine the source of the message, to undertake a risk assessment of the message, and to take actions as necessary to mitigate the risk including engaging other law enforcement agencies. 

Whether received in person, by phone or by email, external threats to faculty are stressful. ASU encourages faculty and staff to take advantage of university counseling and support services, if needed. The university has designated, trained specialists available. 

Report any concerns immediately to the Employee Assistance team at (480) 965-2271.

The Threat Assessment and Management Team

For more information on ASU’s Threat Assessment and Management Team, which supports employees who are experiencing threats that impact their personal and professional safety and ability to carry out their duties and responsibilities, please go to: