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Hiring and Recruitment

The Office of the University Provost will assist our business units with the hiring and recruitment of staff and student workers by providing the necessary information and training to conduct a fair and equitable search. The steps for the hiring and recruitment of university staff are below.


Staff/Student Job Posting Form

Review staffing needs of unit

  • If you are recruiting for a vacated position where the title and salary will remain the same, please move forward to obtaining budgetary approval
  • If you are requesting a re-organization, an additional position, please contact Chelsea Tyrrell, Executive Director

Obtain Budgetary Approval

  • Submit the completed Staff/Student Job Posting Form to Perla Quezada, Business Operations Manager, for budget approval
  • If approved the recruitment request will be forwarded to Jill Lockhart, Hiring Manager, to post the job, or if your unit has an internal Hiring Manager you may move forward with conducting your search through Kenexa

NOTE: If the search is conducted through the Provost central office, please continue with Step 2

The position will be posted in Kenexa using the approved information on the Staff/Student Posting

  • Hiring Manager will work with the hiring unit to post the position within 16 business hours (2 working days)
    • Hiring Manager will contact the lead in the hiring unit to select the filtering questions
    • Once the position has been approved in  Kenexa, it can take 1-2 days to open and be available to receive applications
  • The day after the initial close date, all eligible candidates will be downloaded to a spreadsheet and will be reviewed for minimum qualifications (MQ).
  • A spreadsheet lists  the names the candidates that met the MQS and a list of  the desired qualifications,  will be emailed to you  along with the links to their cover letter, resume and references within 3 business days
    • If a search yields more than 100 applicants, the review may take longer than 3 business days, if this is the case I will contact you to advise you of the delay and expected completion time

The hiring unit will review eligible applicants and rank them according to the desired qualifications

  • The unit’s hiring lead or committee will create a scoring method, in which the candidates will be ranked
    • Decide which qualifications are more desirable and score them based on their desirability
    • Make notes as to why candidates are being ranked higher and why candidates are being rejected

Submit the spreadsheet to the Hiring Manager

  • The spreadsheet should indicate those who will be interviewed, those who you would like to reject, and any names that may be considered if the need arises.
  • The Hiring Manger will approve the interviewee list, reject the candidates you indicated and will leave the alternates as viable candidates.

Conducting interviews

  • Prepare a list of questions that will be asked to each candidate interviewed
  • Take notes on each interview- These notes will be submitted and part of the official hiring file with the Office of Human Resources
  • If one of the candidates will be hired from this pool, submit the offered salary , the interview notes, and the justification for selecting this candidate to the hiring manager
    • If the candidate is an internal employee:
      • Reach out to the candidate to advise that they are a finalist for the position and ask for the name and contact information of their current supervisor.
      • PRIOR to offering the position, contact the current supervisor to advise them of your intentions to offer the position.  You are required to tell them the title and salary that you will be offering and to work on a transition plan.
    • If the candidate is an external candidate
      • Contact the candidate to advise them that they are a top candidate and their reference will be contacted
        • The reference check results from will be sent to you along with the reference check form.  Please record any contact you have with the references listed

Hiring Manager will obtain approval to make a conditional offer

  • You will receive the approval to extend the verbal offer to your top candidate
    • Contact the candidate to verbally offer the position. They should also be aware that the offer is contingent upon the success of any and all background checks
  • If the conditional offer is accepted by the candidate:
    • Email the start date and the name of the employee that the new hire will report
    • The Hiring Manager will work through Kenexa to complete the hire
      • Personal Data Form
      • Background check
      • Final Offer letter
        • The Hiring Manager will copy you on the email that has the final offer letter attached
        • The Hiring Manager will enroll the new employee in New Employee Orientation

Please ensure that all the steps of the New Employee Checklist have been completed.

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