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Chelsea Tyrrell

Executive Director of Provost Operations

  • Oversight of the Provost Operational Budget
  • Oversight of college/school commitments
  • Human Resource liaison for the Provost Office

Perla Quezada

Assistant Director Business Services

  • Faculty Hiring Plan/Provost Commitments
  • ASU Online Funding
  • ASU Summer FTE Residual Funding


Jill Lockhart

Business Operations Specialist Senior

  • Procurement/PCard payment processing
  • HR Specialist for staff and student recruitment
  • Provost Office travel

Jennifer Gladwell

Administrative Secretary

  • Assist guests, meet participants and visitors in the office
  • Answering phone calls and providing customer service
  • Procurement, room reservations, time administration and travel


Chris Reyes

Coordinator Senior/Planning

  • Space Planning
  • Property Management