Academic Integrity

At Arizona State University, we place great value on the research and scholarship of our students and faculty and are committed to a culture of academic integrity and scholarly ethics. We welcome you into our culture of academic excellence and integrity and hope you will help foster and promote ethical and honest behavior in connection with your scholarly work and interactions with your peers.

What is Academic Integrity?

No matter what stage of your educational or professional career pursuits, acting with integrity is a cornerstone of leadership and good citizenship. Integrity is a character-driven commitment to honesty, doing what is right, and guiding others to do what is right. Arizona State University students and faculty are expected to act with integrity in their educational pursuits.

Academic dishonesty falls into five broad areas that include but are not limited to:

  1. Cheating on an academic evaluation or assignment.
  2. Plagiarizing.
  3. Academic deceit, such as fabricating data or information.
  4. Aiding academic integrity policy violations and inappropriately collaborating.
  5. Falsifying academic records.

It is important that you understand what constitutes a violation of academic integrity. The ASU community is here to help you stay informed and to provide resources to avoid these kinds of violations. Please read ASU’s academic integrity policy found here and visit the student resource page found here.

Mostly importantly, if you are not sure if something is really cheating, ask your professors, academic integrity officers, T.A.s or academic advisors.

ASU Student Honor Code