Academic Enterprise Dashboards

Academic Enterprise Dashboards support academic design and planning by providing important data and information about students, faculty, staff, and programs. Current and historical data are presented in various visual and tabular formats to help provide insights about the metrics that guide achievement of academic enterprise goals and objectives.

This landing page provides a “jumping off” point for academic leaders to find the links to the data on key metrics in one location. Links will include newly developed visualizations to facilitate quick views of current, “tracking” and census data as well as links to tabular reports with considerable detail.

A number of areas have collaborated on this site to provide links to dashboards and reports that will help inform the work of those in the Academic Enterprise of ASU. Please peruse the various resources through the links and descriptions below. Instructions about how to gain access to the dashboards can be found below as well as general tips about how to navigate to the Analytics site where they reside. Please send any questions about the data and how to access the dashboards to

Login to the dashboards

Click the dashboard from the list available below. Individual dashboards are hosted on the ASU Analytics pages. Once you have selected your page below, to authenticate for access to these reports and others:

  1. Select Faculty/Staff/Student Worker button
  2. Sign in using ASURITE ID and password
  3. Select Two Factor Method to log in

Some pages may require these additional steps:

  1. Select "Sign In to ABOR BI" 
  2. Select "Arizona State University"
  3. Select "Continue"

If you do not already have access to view the dashboards, you will be prompted to request access.


Click on the links below to be taken to the individual dashboards.