Engineering and technology among the fastest growing career pathways

Engineering and technology among the fastest growing career pathways

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest growing jobs in America in 2020 fall within the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields with the majority being in engineering and health care. In fact, two of the top three jobs are based in renewable energy — an expanding  area in the state of Arizona and around the world as society seeks more sustainable solutions for the future of climate change. Arizona State University can help you spark your engineering career with a degree from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering


ASU and Pathways for the Future pave the way for engineering success 

Reskilling and upskilling are essential in every job, especially in engineering and technology roles. If you enjoy helping people and society by designing innovative solutions, a STEM career may be for you. If you relish the challenge of being part of a team that solves complex problems, and you have an aptitude for creatively applying strong analytical and computational skills, then engineering is a great career to explore.

Whether you are pursuing a degree or hoping to improve your knowledge through additional coursework, ASU’s Pathways for the Future can help get you on your way with funding for your education. You can apply now for awards to take open scale courses to help upskill your resume, get started in a certificate program with a focus on critical skills for engineering careers, or pursue a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field.

 According to the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, there are big trends in artificial intelligence, robotics and sustainable engineering to consider. ASU’s Fulton Schools of Engineering provides customized learning opportunities for students pursuing one of the many engineering domains. Degrees are offered in software engineeringroboticselectrical engineeringbig data and sustainable engineering as well as many more.

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Expert advice on getting your foot in the door

Engineering careers have been in high demand for decades and provide an opportunity for employees to begin a reliable job.

 “A lot of companies like to build a career for their employees, so they are looking to hire interns more so than to hire from another company,” says Gerald Deren, executive director of the Americas Academic Enablement at Siemens Digital Industries Software “They like to bring them in, train them and they work with them. Even though they expect them to come in with some knowledge already there, they feel that there is a little more loyalty there.” 

Starting with an internship is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. ASU collaborates with Siemens and many other top engineering companies across the country to provide access to internships and other career opportunities

“Companies are looking for people who are willing to make it a career, not just a stop along the way in between jobs,” Deren says. 


Having a Passion for Your Work is Key

According to Deren, passion, creativity and curiosity are crucial for future engineers. 

“Siemens typically looks for engineers that have a passion for the topic, or domain,” he says. “They look for someone that has a passion for what they do. Siemens is a 173-year-old company and has been very good about hiring people where the knowledge is there, but the passion to do the job inside of that is there.” 

Find out more about what innovative projects and approaches ASU is working on with artificial intelligence3D printing and our Interactive Robotics Laboratory to feed your curiosity and make the decision to choose ASU. 



Joanna Henderson, Pathways for the Future Career Success Program Manager