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Fullerton College Transfer Student Excels with ASU Online

Dylan Vargas, an ASU Online student from Southern California, is making waves in his educational journey, inspiring others to follow in his wake after transferring from Fullerton College. Dylan epitomizes the success of the MyPath2ASU transfer partnership program, a collaborative effort between Fullerton College and ASU. The partnership is designed to streamline the transfer process, optimize course transferability into ASU’s bachelor’s degrees and support student achievement.  

"I was young and figuring life out, and needed to start somewhere," explained Vargas about his decision to attend Fullerton College. "It was a small step in the right direction to achieve big things."

Vargas's inspiration for pursuing higher education is deeply rooted in his parents' unwavering support and belief in him. He shared:, "My parents encouraged me that anything was achievable with effort and drive."

Dylan is majoring in organizational leadership with a concentration in project management, in the School of Applied Professional Studies within ASU's College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. The BA degree offers a skills-driven curriculum to prepare students to be excellent project managers and project management leaders. The degree facilitates the skills and knowledge that graduates need in order to lead diverse teams, innovate, solve problems, communicate effectively, manage resources and use emerging technologies in organizations. 

"I was inspired by a conversation with a supervisor at work three years ago, who saw tremendous potential and leadership qualities in me," explained Vargas, about his choice to pursue this ASU degree track.

With family ties to ASU and a belief in the quality of its educational offerings, Vargas said, "the choice to attend ASU Online was natural." He especially appreciates the faculty, noting, "the professors and teaching staff at ASU hold strong knowledge and passion in their areas of study."

Vargas, set to graduate this year, offers advice to new transfer students: "There is no concrete deadline to your success, no matter your age. Go for it and enjoy the journey."

Post-graduation, Vargas plans to apply his knowledge to refine his career goals. His journey exemplifies the transformative power of ASU Online's flexible education and serves as an inspiration to Fullerton College transfer students.

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The Fullerton College MyPath2ASU Program

The Fullerton College, MyPath2ASU collaboration includes a robust catalog of more than 400 course-by-course pathways into ASU bachelor’s degrees that can be earned through online, local and on-campus modalites. 

ASU’s goal in partnering with two-year colleges across the country is to build robust pathways that demystify how each partnering institution’s coursework fulfills ASU's bachelor’s requirements upon transfer. To make this work, faculty across both institutions are dedicated to continually reviewing curriculum to to keep approved pathways up-to-date. 

Hear more from Dylan:

Q: Why (and when) did you choose your major?

A: I chose my major shortly after a conversation with a forever supervisor three years ago, who saw potential and leadership in my skill set and character. 

Q: Why did you choose ASU?

A: I have family members who are ASU alumni and I have strong ties to the state of Arizona. 

Q: What have you enjoyed most about your ASU experience so far?

A: The faculty. The professors and teaching staff at ASU hold strong knowledge and passion in their areas of study and those aspects are clearly present, even in an online classroom setting. They take pride in teaching. 

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to a new transfer student?

A: Do not be scared or discouraged even if you are returning to school after years in the workplace. There is no concrete deadline to your success no matter your age. Go for it and enjoy the journey. 

Q: What are your plans after you graduate with your bachelor's degree?

A: I plan to apply my studies and new skill set to hone my career goals and pave the way for my future aspirations.