Maricopa Community Colleges and Arizona State University: A History & Bright Future of Partnership

Maricopa Community Colleges and Arizona State University: A History & Bright Future of Partnership


Maricopa Community Colleges and Arizona State University

A History & Bright Future of PartnershipPartnership History & Transfer Success

Partnership History & Transfer Succeess

The Maricopa Community Colleges and Arizona State University have a long-standing partnership that has evolved throughout the years to incorporate shared projects,innovation, and shared academic pathways. It should come as no surprise that Maricopa is ASU’s largest community college transfer student population. In the past five years alone, Maricopa has transferred over 30,000 students to ASU!* Transfer students as a whole comprised more than 25 percent of new undergraduate enrollment for fall 2019, of which close to 60% transferred from the Maricopa Community Colleges. *Note: Data was  produced by the Arizona State University Office of Institutional Analysis Report #10090

Maricopa does a fantastic job with its stellar faculty and staff to prepare students for success as they complete their associate degrees, and together we continue to find ways to help students  succeed. That is why ASU values this relationship and considers it its gold standard. ASU has established innovative and collaborative partnerships with community colleges nationwide based on this historic partnership of success.

MAPP MyPath2ASU™ & Innovation

Students benefit from ASU’s MAPP MyPath2ASU transfer experience if they choose to move on to ASU! MAPP MyPath2ASU™ helps Maricopa students to complete their bachelor’s degree in the least amount of time, maximizes the credits that they can transfer, saves them money, and guarantees their admission to ASU in the process when they complete all admissions requirements. The importance of signing up for a pathway is clear. Internal analysis reports show that students on a pathway program are 24.7 percent more likely to be retained than those who did not participate in a pathway program, and they are also significantly more likely to receive their associate degree prior to transferring to ASU.   

Always a shared innovator, Maricopa is also delving into a shared innovative project with ASU on our Trusted Learner Network as we work on an automated reverse transfer platform to assist students to maximize their credit transfer opportunities and have the opportunity to earn an associate degree while completing their bachelor’s degree. 

To learn more about how students are signing up for a pathway, please join one of our upcoming webinars for students here!   Additionally, there is also a helpful video to assist Maricopa students to understand the step-by-step process to sign up for their MAPP MyPath2ASU™.

ASU looks forward to many more years of collaboration with the Maricopa Community Colleges to continue our important and trend-setting partnership to help transfer students succeed.