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Meet Will Noll, Pathways for the Future Scholar

Being a First-Year student means also being inexperienced in many areas, which the PFF program has helped me to target and to prioritize in order to become well-prepared for the workforce. In only a semester, there were workshops ranging from networking to resume crafting and even one-on-one meetings with the PFF coordinator in order to assess my personal path to success. The faculty works to the best of their ability to provide you with the resources you need to be successful. 

Unlike what some would expect, being one of the only freshmen in the program hasn’t been a disadvantage in the slightest. I’m surrounded by other motivated and passionate students who want to see me succeed and can oftentimes offer me invaluable advice. There are also endless resources to help guide my path at ASU. To elaborate, I’m currently majoring in biomedical engineering, with a desire to pursue a minor in biochemistry. I also plan to take advantage of ASU’s 4+1 program while still remaining a Barrett Honors College graduate. 

PFF provides me with the personnel to advise my decisions and steer me in the right direction. Not to mention, they do their best to make sure you’re successful both academically and in the workforce. The pandemic has truly made times hard for everyone, and PFF has been a great help to ensure that nobody in the program is left behind."  For more information on Pathways for the future visit pff.ea.asu.edu or contact a PFF admissions representative at (844) 353-7775 or pathwaysfuture@asu.edu.


Will Noll 

Pathways for the Future Scholar

Biomedical Engineering Major