Pathways for the Future 2021 Scholars

New and Returning Pathway Scholars on Campus for Fall 2021

Classes at Arizona State University (ASU) are back in full swing and Pathways for the Future (PFF) is excited to welcome 52 new scholars and 11 returning scholars to the program. The new year brings new opportunities for students, including a return to some in-person activities. In this post we will introduce some of the new and returning scholars, explore the new program opportunities, define career readiness, and look ahead to the 2021-2022 academic year.

With our new group of scholars, we are welcoming a diverse group of students from many different backgrounds with a variety of career interests and goals. Scholars are spread out nearly evenly throughout our partner colleges with 33% of scholars attending programs within the W. P. Carey School of Business, 30% at the Fulton Schools of Engineering, and 35% of scholars in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The most popular majors for scholars are Business, Finance, Accountancy, Political Science, Psychology, and Biological Sciences. Within Fulton, there is an even wider spread of student majors such as Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Industrial, and Software Engineering among other majors in the Engineering School. In addition to our degree seeking students, we are also welcoming 5 certificate seeking students who are pursuing one of the Pathways for the Future approved certificate programs.

All scholars in the program have access to Pathways career development programming and activities. The main focus of the career development programming is using Career Readiness Competencies that have been developed through the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Career Readiness competencies are transferable skills that broadly prepare the college graduate for success in the workplace and lifelong management of their career. Each of these competencies are examined through all career programming and scholars can follow their progress throughout their time at ASU. Information from our recent survey indicates that the majority of scholars know what they want to do but need help getting there.


In addition to all the career programming provided through ASU Career and Professional Development Services and college specific career advising, students will have access to PFF workshops on topics such as Civic Involvement, Financial Literacy, International Career Exploration, and more. While we are remaining mostly in the virtual classroom for Fall semester, we are also planning to host some in person activities such as volunteer projects to gain experience and outdoor social activities such as a hike with the Scholar Committee. We are hoping these activities will provide valuable networking and experiential learning opportunities that may not have been possible over the past academic year. Read what our scholars are looking forward to this year:

"I would like support in professional development such as creating resumes and cover letters. I would also like to participate in workshops that help students with networking and interviews. I hope to have leadership building activities and volunteering opportunities available to me as well.”

“I would love to work on expanding my network and learn how to get to where I want my career to be in the future.”

“Through the Pathways for the Future Program, I want to be able to narrow down my career options. I am unsure as to what I want to do after graduation, so I hope this program will allow me the opportunity to explore my options while also helping me make a decision.”

The application for next year’s scholarship opened on September 1 — fill out your application for the degree scholarship or certificate scholarship now to further your career development journey at ASU.