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Data Oversight Council

Lev Gonick

The Data Oversight Council was established to ensure that effective data management principles are applied to university data and is authorized to establish and enforce policies, standards and procedures to provide for the effective use, maintenance, retention and protection of university data.

The council consists of representative data stewards from across the university and other expert stakeholders.

The Council:

  • Lev Gonick, Chair
  • Aaron Krasnow, Expert Stakeholder - HIPAA Officer
  • Jennifer Glawson, Expert Stakeholder - FERPA Official
  • Karen Liepmann, Expert Stakeholder - OGC
  • Nichol Luoma, Expert Stakeholder - Procurement
  • Lisa Grace, Expert Stakeholder - Audit
  • Tina Thorstenson, Expert Stakeholder - CISO
  • Lorrie McAllister, Expert Stakeholder - Library
  • Jennifer Hightower, Representative Data Steward
  • Kevin Salcido (HR), Representative Data Steward
  • Nayeli Quiros, Representative Data Steward
  • Mark Searle, Representative Data Steward
  • Melissa Kwilosz, Representative Data Steward
  • Tamara Deuser, Representative Data Steward
  • Joanne Wamsley, Representative Data Steward
  • William Kennedy, Representative Data Steward
  • Sheila Ainlay, Representative Data Steward 

Council responsibilities include:

  • understanding the strategic university data and data architecture requirements
  • developing and maintaining the data strategy for the university
  • ensuring regulatory compliance developing and approving data related policies, standards and procedures
  • resolving data governance issues including questions of stewardship, access and appropriate usage of data
  • sponsoring and overseeing university data management projects and services
  • serving as the liaison between the council and the data stewards within their functional area