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General Studies Council


Michael Mokwa - General Studies Council Chair

This is a decision-making council for the continuing implementation and development of the comprehensive University General Studies Program of courses required of all undergraduate students. The council, which is advisory to the university provost, prepares and maintains the general studies course listings published in the General Catalog and the semester Schedule of Classes for use by students, advisors and faculty. These publications contain general studies requirements and approved program courses. The council is appointed by and responsible to the university provost. The student member is appointed by the president on the recommendation of the vice president for university and student initiatives.

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Cultural Diversity Subcommittee:

  • Melissa Dengler (CAA) – co-chair
  • Anna Zischkau (CAA) – co-chair
  • Annapurna Ganesh, MCCCD Representative

Global Awareness Subcommittee:

  • Natalie Heywood - chair
  • Jada Ach
  • Megan Todd

Historical Awareness Subcommittee:

  • Matt Simonton - chair
  • David Corlett 
  • Evan Berry

Humanities, Arts and Design Subcommittee:

  • Bertha Manninen – chair
  • Peter Schmidt
  • Michelle Saint
  • Mina Suk

Literacy and Critical Inquiry Subcommittee:

  • Brent Scholar – chair
  • Patricia Webb
  • Emily Mertz
  • Ashli Morgan

Mathematical Studies Subcommittee:

  • Jose Lobo - chair
  • Michelle Mancenido
  • Michelle Zandieh

Natural Sciences Subcommittee:

  • Steve Semken – chair
  • Tamiko Azuma 
  • Darryl Morrell  

Social-Behavioral Sciences Subcommittee:

  • Michael Mokwa – chair
  • Michele Devine
  • Marie Wallace

Community College representative(s):

  • Annapurna Ganesh, MCCCD Representative

 Council of Academic Advisors Representative(s):

  • Melissa Dengler (CAA) – co-chair
  • Anna Zischkau (CAA) – co-chair

Student member:

  • to be determined

Ex officio:

  • senate president