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Investment Committee


Joanne Wamsley, vice president for finance and deputy treasurer

The Investment Committee is advisory to the executive vice president, treasurer, and CFO in guiding the investment of university operating cash and endowment funds. The committee approves university investment policies, selects investment consultants and managers, monitors performance, and advises on investment strategies. Voting members of the committee include faculty from the W. P. Carey School of Business, and others as appointed by the executive vice president, treasurer and CFO.

  • Stephen Happel, Professor Emeritus, Economics
  • Cameron Black, Vice President, CFO, Secretary and Treasurer of Blue Cross/Blue Shield AZ

Voting ex officio:

  • The executive vice president, treasurer, and CFO and the vice president for Finance and deputy treasurer (chair).

Nonvoting ex officio:

  • Assistant investment officer/director, Financial Services