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Ombudspersons Committee

Paul Karoly, Psychology, 480-965-5404

While all faculty and staff within the university community seek to facilitate matters, the following individuals have been designated to serve as ombudspersons (impartial fact-finders and problem-solvers). They have no power to reverse or change decisions but with conciliation skills help to expedite the process. Faculty, staff and students may bring their concerns to the ombudsperson designated to assist them (see below), regardless of college or campus.

The university ombudsperson is appointed by the president. The university ombudsperson chairs the Ombudspersons Committee and provides an annual report to the president. The university provost appoints all other ombudspersons, who serve as a committee of the whole in forming the Ombudsperson Committee. The Ombudspersons Committee is directed by ACD 509-01 University Ombudsperson Committee Guidelines. Relevant links are ACD 509-02 Grievance Policies and Procedures for Faculty, ACD 509-03 Grievance Policies and Procedures for Academic Professionals, and P20 Procedures for Resolving Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination.

Ombudspersons for Academic/Student Affairs:

  • Kaylen Cons, Student Affairs, 480-965-5302
  • Jeffrey Banner, Liberal Arts and Sciences Student and Academic Affairs, 480-965-6505
  • Elaine Rostad, College of Health Solutions Academic Services, 602-496-2153

Ombudspersons for Online Students:

  • Joseph Chapman, EdPlus Student Services, 480-884-1609

Ombudspersons for Academic Professionals:

  • Dick Filley, Polytechnic, 480-965-0903

Ombudspersons for Staff Personnel:

  • Michelle Johnson, ASU Gammage, 480-965-5062

Ombudspersons for Faculty:

Downtown Phoenix campus

  • Kevin Ellsworth, Letters and Sciences, 480-727-7090

Polytechnic campus:

  • Ian Moulton, Integrative Sciences and the Arts, 480-727-1172

Tempe campus:

  • Paul Karoly, Psychology, 480-965-5404
  • Ajith Kumar, Marketing, 480-965-5544
  • Barzin Mobasher, Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, 480-965-0141

West campus:

  • Akua (Duku) Anokye, Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, 602-543-6020
  • Douglas Kelley, Social and Behavioral Studies, 602-543-6641

Appointed by University Senate:

  • Elsie Moore, Social Transformation, 480-965-4910

Ex officio: 

  • The presidents of the Classified Staff Council and Committee
  • The president of Associated Students
  • The presiding officer of the University Academic Council