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Parking Citations Appeals Board

Melinda Alonzo

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This is a decision-making board authorized by the Arizona Board of Regents to hear appeals on parking appeals officers’ decisions regarding sanctions for parking and bicycle violations. The board is appointed by and responsible to the associate vice president for university business services. Student members are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the vice president for university and student initiatives.

Staff Members:

  • Carolyn Landry, Student Services, College of Law
  • Colleen Benton, Knowledge Enterprise Development
  • Jacob Burggraff, Deskside Technical Support, University Technology Office
  • Kim Prendergast, University Audit and Advisory Services
  • Perrijwan Collins, Marketing and Communications, School of Business
  • Nancy Williams, New College Advising
  • Rodney Ito, Tempe Deskside Support, University Technology Office
  • Shandra Daniels, School of Social Transformation
  • Caden Gillespie, Business and Finance Center 

Academic Professionals:

  • Betsy Redman, University Libraries
  • Karl Weiss, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Leping He, University Libraries
  • Smita Joshipura, University Libraries
  • Qian Liu, University Libraries

Faculty Members:

  • Elizabeth Wong, School of International Letters and Cultures
  • Jimmy Kimberly, Polytechnic School of Aviation
  • Stephanie Baldwin, School of Community Resources and Development


  • Tyler Tobyne