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Residency Petition Review Committee


Anali Perry, ASU Libraries
Betsy Redman, ASU Libraries
Dean Kashiwagi, Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
Erica Buschatzke, Integrative Sciences and Arts
Jeanette Mueller-Alexander, ASU Libraries
Jennifer Glawson, University Registrar Services
Kristy Jacobs-North, University Registrar Services
Lisa McIntyre, Transfer Systems Development
Marco Mangone, Life Sciences
Shanan Bouchard, Health Solutions Student Services

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This is a decision-making board, authorized by the Arizona Board of Regents and the president, to hear appeals on student residency classification. The committee is appointed by and responsible to the University Registrar Services for multi-year terms. Student members are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the vice provost for enrollment management. 

  • Beth Difelice, College of Law
  • Beth Landish, Academic Advising and Curriculum
  • Joseph (Bryan) Henderson, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
  • Catherine Winter, University Registrar Services
  • Cecile Sende, College of Health Services Student Services
  • Christopher Baier, College of Law
  • Derar Serhan, Integrative Sciences and Arts
  • Donovan Lee, Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Douglas Green, Science and Mathematics
  • Erin Feser, Nutrition and Health Promotion
  • Jacob Kashiwagi, Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
  • James Degraffenreid, Science and Mathematics
  • Jason Bobis, Major and Career Exploration
  • Jennifer Barnes, College of Law
  • Jon Ulrich, Science and Mathematics
  • Jonathan Myers, W.P. Carey Academic Services
  • Joyce Martin, Charles T. Hayden Library
  • Erika (Kat) Brown, University College Dean's Office
  • Katherine Howland O'Brien, College of Law
  • Kathlene Rosier, College of Law
  • Kendra Bell, W.P. Carey School of Business
  • Laura Zimmerman, Academic Advising and Curriculum
  • Laura Romer, Admission Services
  • Lauren Burkhart, College of Law
  • Marcus Herrmann, Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy
  • Michelle Crowley, University Academic Success Tempe
  • Nyasha Stone Sheppard, W.P. Carey School of Business
  • Olya Lykhvar, Community Resources and Development
  • Pamela Hoh, College of Law
  • Pattie (P. F.) Lengel, Office of Students and Academics, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Rene Rosales, College of Health Solutions Student Services
  • Robert Dormady, College of Law
  • Ruby Macksoud, English
  • Ryan Vann, Research Advancement Services
  • Samantha Williams, College of Law
  • Sean Hawkeswood, Integrative Sciences and Arts
  • Shari Gustafson, Integrative Sciences and Arts
  • Stephen Arougheti, Library Access Services
  • Tara Mospan, Ross-Blakely Law Library
  • Teresa (Terri) Mahaffey, Teachers College Student Services
  • Thomas Williams, College of Law
  • Tonya Penkrot, Science, Mathematics and Social Sciences
  • Vanessa Fargie, W. P. Carey Student Business Services
  • Victoria Ames, College of Law
  • Victoria Trotta, Ross-Blakely Law Library

Student members:

  • Elizabeth Martinez - English 
  • Lisa Lacy - Teachers College