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University Promotion and Tenure Committee

Brooks Simpson, Integrative Sciences and Arts, Chair

The committee reviews all petitions for promotion and tenure and makes recommendations to the university provost. The committee and the committee chair are appointed by and responsible to the university provost.

  • Marjorie Baldwin, Economics
  • Audrey Beardsley, Educational Leadership and Innovation
  • Bryan Brayboy, Social Transformation
  • Charles Calleros, Law
  • Dan Childers, Sustainability
  • Peter de Marneffe, Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies
  • Laura Hanish, Social and Family Dynamics
  • Maria Jackson, The Design School
  • John Jones, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
  • Marianne Kim, Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies
  • Kelly Knudson, Human Evolution and Social Change
  • Lisa Magana, Transborder Studies
  • Pamela Marshall, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  • Philip Mauskopf, Physics
  • Ashok Mishra, Agribusiness
  • Punam Ohri-Vachaspati, Health Solutions
  • Sule Ozev, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
  • Subramanian Rajan, Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
  • Gregory Raupp, Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy
  • Guillermo Reyes, Film, Dance and Theatre
  • Alexandra Ros, Molecular Sciences
  • Daniel Schugurensky, Public Affairs
  • Gabriel Shaibi, Nursing and Health Innovation
  • Brooks Simpson, Integrative Sciences and Arts
  • Ayanna Thompson, English

Ex officio:

  • Deborah Clarke, Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
  • Chantel Powers, Academic Personnel Analyst