Curriculum Development

Curriculum development

Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC)

January 14, 2010


Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC)
Tempe campus: Interdisciplinary B 365 
1:30 - 3 p.m.

Video Conferencing Locations:
Downtown Phoenix campus: UCENT 317
Polytechnic campus: Center Building 147 
West campus: FAB 302

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes December 03, 2009
  3. Old Business
    D MCO 711 Critical, Historical, Legal Research Methods in Mass Communication
    D MCO 712 Freedom of Expression Theory
    D MCO 720 Mass Communication Theory
    D MCO 722 Philosophy of Mass Communication
    D MCO 755 Research Apprenticeship
    M ASM 552 Dental Anthropology
    M DCE 116 T'ai Chi Ch?uan I
    M DCE 117 Feldenkrais I
    M DCE 124 Latin/Swing/Ballroom I
    M DCE 125 Latin/Salsa I
  4. New Business

Action Items:

Curriculum Proposals

Please note - There are no curricular proposals for review for the January 14, 2010 meeting.  

New Course Proposals 

The following new course proposals are available for your review via the on-line ACRES system .

  • Under FEATURES, click on the CAPC Date Query link.
  • Click on the date of the next CAPC meeting.
  • Sort the records by clicking the horizontal-bar square next to “Summary” in the header.
  • Click the View link next to course to review and submit comments

D MCO 532 Foundations in Mass Communication Research
D MCO 570 Master of Mass Communication Capstone
D MCO 765 Teaching Apprenticeship
D NUR 602 State of Research Science in Nursing and Healthcare Innovation
M AML 520 Agent-based Modeling
M BIO 610 Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) in Life Sciences
M BIO 611 Current Topics in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) in Life Sciences
M CEE 558 Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
M ENG 371 Rhetoric of the Environmental Movement
M ENG 597 MA Capstone Seminar
M MAT 512 Introduction to Combinatorics
M MAT 513 Introduction to Graph Theory
M MAT 541 p-Adic Numbers
M MAT 542 Elliptic Curves
M MAT 545 Abstract Algebra
M MAT 547 Algebraic Number Theory
M MAT 548 Class Field Theory
W BIO  395 Careers in Natural and Health Sciences

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