Overview of graduation requirements

At ASU, students take classes that fulfill different types of requirements – university, college, major and elective/minor/certificate.

The diagrams below display the graduation requirements based on a student's catalog year.  Students beginning in the 2024-2025 catalog year will complete the General Studies Gold requirements and students who attended ASU before fall 2024, and are in a catalog year previous to 2024-2025, complete the General Studies Maroon requirements.

Some courses can fulfill two or more types of requirements but other courses fulfill only one requirement. Total credit hours needed to graduate is a minimum of 120 credit hours. Some majors, however, may require more than 120 credit hours. The total number of credit hours for each type of requirement may vary.


University requirements

The gold/maroon sections represent university requirements which include General Studies courses, first-year composition and others.

College requirements

The back section represents college requirements. Some colleges and schools such as The College of Liberal Arts and Science have additional requirements.


The gray section represents the requirements of the major. The credit hours required for a major may be as low as 30 credit hours or as high as 65 credit hours.


The turquoise section represents electives and the requirements of a minor or certificate. A minor typically adds an additional 15 to 25 credit hours of coursework. Although every student eventually must declare a major, minors and certificates are not required. Some courses, while providing credit hours toward graduation, fall outside the university, college and major requirements and are not required in a program for graduation. These courses are electives. Some majors leave no room for electives within the minimum 120 credit hours required to graduate.

Other requirements

The separate units of ASU — such as colleges, schools and departments — have specific requirements for graduation that must be satisfied for a baccalaureate degree. Students are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor in planning a program to ensure it meets the various requirements. A well-planned program may enable a student to concurrently satisfy a portion of the General Studies requirement together with a portion of a college or major requirement.