P1: Offer Letter Contents

Effective Date: March 23, 1987

Revised Date: July 1, 2011

The offer letter should include:

  1. the academic unit, center, institute, library and/or the college making the appointment
  2. the title, rank (where appropriate), and salary being offered
  3. the administrator(s) to whom the person is responsible and a clarification of who evaluates (if a joint appointment)
  4. the beginning date of appointment
  5. whether the appointment is for an academic or fiscal year
  6. any special financial arrangements regarding such matters as start-up funds, summer support, failure to complete the dissertation, or a future revertment from fiscal to academic contract
  7. whether the appointment is full-time or part-time, i.e. FTE appointment
  8. whether the appointment of a faculty member is fixed-term, tenure-eligible, or tenured
  9. whether the appointment of an academic professional is fixed-term, probationary, or continuing appointment
  10. in the case of fixed-term appointments, the duration of the appointment and a statement that individuals serving in such positions do not accrue time toward tenure/continuing appointment
  11. in the case of tenure-eligible or probationary appointments, the latest time at which a decision will be made on tenure or continuing appointment
  12. if the appointment is dependent for continuation upon funding from a source other than state appropriations, a statement that the position may terminate when the funding is no longer available
  13. for faculty and academic professionals a request that they have an official (stamped with the university seal) transcript documenting their terminal degree mailed from their university to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost of the University prior to the start of employment (transcripts for appointments of one year or less are retained in the dean’s office)
  14. an explanation of the need to verify employment eligibility through proof of authorization to work in the United States
  15. a statement indicating the offer is contingent upon successful completion of a background check; required when the background check has not been completed prior to sending the offer letter (see ACD 126, “Reference Check and Background Verification”)
  16. directions to contact the Office of Human Resources for questions about specific benefits


  17. the date through which the offer will remain effective.

The offer letter should reference ACD 501, "Conditions of Faculty Service"; or ACD 503, "Conditions of Professional Service"; selected excerpts from the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual; ABOR 6-908, "Intellectual Property Policy"; and ACD 504, "Conditions of Administrative Service", where appropriate.

See ACD 505-01, "Initial Appointment and Offer Letter" for more information.